Meet Hollow Stage!

Hollow Stage - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherAm I slow? Kind of. Why? Hollow Stage also shared the stage at San Diego’s SOMA the very same night that The Rookies and Pissed Regardless played. They were on stage when I walked into for an evening of mind blowing entertainment. I would have loved to have caught their full set but what I did enjoy and has definitely whet my appetite to see Hollow Stage again. I hope you feel the same! So, on to the good stuff…

The Good Stuff…

What genre is Hollow Stage? Well, to me,  Hollow Stage is a Metalcore band with a tasty bass heaviness, nice shredding, brutal drums and gloriously guttural / screaming vocals. This band is based in San Diego and has been in existence since only 2017. Hopefully, they will be around for quite a long time.

Quoted Description found on YouTube ( Including this info because of credits are specifically given for all members.  )

” Hollow Stage is a post hardcore/metalcore band from San Diego. Despite being currently ranked number 4 locally and number 22 nationally by Rebverbnation, the band has only been around since September 2017. The origianl members, Trevor Byersdorf ( Guitar, Vocals ) and Riku Myllykoske ( Drums ), formed together in September of 2017, and wrote originals including, Through Life’s Struggle, Utah and T.O.S. Kris Jones ( Bass, Vocals ) joined the duo in early June 2019, and went on to help the group write songs such as Firestarter, Loud Thoughts in A Quiet Place, and A Clockwork Orange. The final addition, and arguably the most important one, was that of frontman Russell McCubbins ( Vocals ) in early July of 2018. Together, the band has released the singles “Utah”, “Through Life’s Struggle” and “Analogies for the Worthless” with the music video for “Utah”. The group is currently in the works of creating their album titled “Into The Black”, set to be released sometime later in 2018.”

Social Media for Hollow Stage

What is the best way to stay updated on future events, releases and purchase merchandise from any band? Their social media! So, here you go…

FACEBOOK                          REVERBNATION

INSTAGRAM                        YOUTUBE

Ear Candy!

Just a couple of tracks and a video but nothing beats seeing a band LIVE! Don’t forget to hook up with Hollow Stage for updates on future shows. \m/

The following tracks were found at Hollow Stage on Reverbnation.

This is “Immortuos” found on Hollow Stage YouTube, released – December 06. 2019. Crank it UP!!

Thank You!

If you’re actually reading this, we appreciate you so much for thoroughly reading our post on Hollow Stage. We loved Hollow Stage and hope you did as well. The next time they’re playing, we’re going to try extra hard to not miss a moment of their set. The little bit we saw, was on point and definitely left us wanting more! Again, we are thankful you stopped by and please do so again. You can connect with San Diego Blather on Facebook and Instagram. Drop by and say, “Hi!” or let us know of a metal or punk rock band you would like to share. Be safe and well always! \m/