Today is the first day of 2021.

( Sorry not music related )

San Diego Blather - Metal, Punk Rock & Unity - San Diego BlatherFor some of us, the fly stuck in the fence represents what 2020 felt like. I don’t need to recap 2020 for you. We all know that it was a dumpster fire of a year. A year so  bad that if you can say, ” I only lost half of my income” that about 787, 000 of our fellow citizens can rightfully say, “Ha! Only half?”.  Right now, in San Diego, families are going to bed hungry. Adults are laying awake at night wondering where their family will sleep when they’re finally evicted. Roommates are forced to give up their rooms because they cannot afford their portion of rent. Well, this happens only in the  lower income areas though, right? Yes, usually this is true but this is a pandemic. In Rancho Bernardo, a middle class to upper middles class area, there is a front porch food pantry that struggles to stay stocked. Mortgages are not getting paid and cars are repossessed.

Not to downplay the plight of humans living in lower income areas or  in famine stricken and war torn countries but we live in the United States, a powerful and rich country. Our country is able to feed it’s citizens but we have always had hunger here and it’s only getting worse. There isn’t a war going on here. We are the country that others flee to when shit is so bad with hunger and violence that they can no longer live in their own homelands. You know what I mean? True we have always had citizens who are food challenged but many of us thought it would never happen to us. Yet, it has. Covid partnered with our selfish government system in which both parties have allowed us to languish without incomes and meager payouts as our debts pile up on the daily.  Once middle class parents are now forced with the daily reality of their children going to bed hungry. I’m not talking about puffed out tummies with ribs showing famine hunger but no child should endure hunger, at all. Since Covid, our government representatives  have fought amongst themselves on how to profit and  whether or not if we should receive any amount of funding.  Right now,  we have areas with miles long lines for food boxes and winter clothing. With 340, 000 Americans dead, every 10 minutes somebody dies of Covid.  Question that all you want but even if 1/4 of those deaths are directly Covid related, that is too many of us who have died. None of us want to get the common cold, much less Covid! I cannot afford to get sick! Can you? So as we enter 2021, here we are.

Did we all learn in 2020 that we are all we have?  Well, we should have.

WE, regardless of our socially constructed political beliefs and religions are in this together, Yes, all of us, despite our skin color, our ethnicity, our sexual orientations, our gender identities are all in the same shit party with those who have disdain for anyone who is BIPOC and / or of the gay community. Our idiotic bigotry and marginalizing of others has oppressed us for centuries! We’re all so stupidly blind to this we keep fighting for crumbs in some Oligarchy backed mirage of democracy and society. Yes, we are pawns in the same game in which the affluent have increased their wealth while the working class does all the heavy lifting. No other year but 2020 has revealed how our government views the working class. We should have learned that it is imperative that we stop fighting and hating each other! We should have learned that despite our differences, our socially constructed differences, that we are all we have. We need to come together as the working class, put our masks on and demand our government begins to work us, the working class.  I’m not sure how to do this but we must come together to fight for our rights to have funds during this pandemic,  affordable food on our tables, affordable healthcare,  affordable education, affordable housing,  protected employment status and climate sustainable environments.  We must manifest unity as the working class to build a better future for ourselves and our children. I urge all of us to put aside our distractions of our alleged differences and stop being assholes. Quite literally we are all we have. We are the only hope we have. Today is the first day of 2021, manifest working class unity.

Be safe and well always.

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