Golden Plates - Metal, Punk Rock - San Diego BlatherThis is a San Diego based artist whose creations are dripping sweetly into my ear canal and tripping around my brain giving the best cerebral massage. Honey, this a gorgeous parade of notes and images that’s highly addicting. Who is this artist?

Lets meet  Golden Plates and the multi talented juggler and artist who is Elder Brycen – a character with character!

Bio from Facebook:

“In 1823, Joseph Smith claimed to have discovered the word of God on some Golden Plates in New York. For better or worse, he started a movement that forever shaped our culture.

The truth is, Music is god. Rock and Roll can actually save your soul. The Golden Plates are wax platters and silver discs that contain the music that defines humanity. Elder Brycen is on a mission to spread the word, salvation is here, in the new top 40 single, at the house party down the street where the local house band is playing, on the stage of the music festival where you’re checking out the latest fashions. You too can see the light and find salvation, and you don’t even have to give up booze, drugs, coffee or premarital sex. Take the 10 % of your money that you send to your church, and use it to support local artists. They’re much less likely to be pedophiles than the leader of your church, and might save more lives with the tale of their struggle than any book written 2000 years ago ever has.”

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Members: Elder Brycen      Click HERE for origin story.  Click HERE for a highly informative video as to who and what is Golden Plates. 
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The following videos were sourced from Golden Plates on YouTube. Please check out the entire video library and the links!

Elder Brycen has, in my opinion, a really lovely voice that’s reminiscent of David Bowie and Liam Gallagher but not an exact copy of either. Simply put, I just adore Elder Brycen’s voice and style!
Released, June 2020. Animation was done by, Seth Boyden of Blue Sky Studios.
Released, June 2020

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How’s it going? I hope each of you are doing well. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about music which is idiotic. If ever there was a time that music was needed, it’s now. Seriously, it’s now. Oh and unity among us who toil with absolute disregard to bigotry. I hope that you had enjoyed my little introduction to Golden Plates. Please don’t forget to check out the Link Tree for Golden Plates for all Golden Plates social media, music and etc etc etc..
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