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The name of the band is, Godhammered. According to their Facebook page, Godhammered’s listed genre is, “Defacore”. So, is this is a sub-genre we have not heard of before. Have you? Nevertheless, this is one crystal clear reason why supporting and exploring San Diego’s local music scene is essential. So, why don’t we just hang out for bit, maybe sesh about it all and find out more about Godhammered and “Defacore”? Ready??

eady???Psssst…I guarantee you that Godhammered is well worth it! \m/



Godhammered Info!

Bandmembers: Ray Garcia, Josh Caldwell, Derrick Hyatt, Kevin Templeton and Shaun Pitts Chapman

Record Label: None

Booking agent: Josh Caldwell

Social Media!

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What You Have Been Waiting For!!


I listened to quite a few of Godhammered’s creations and chose a couple of audio tracks and a video to share with you. I adored the bass heaviness, the vocals and, well, everything that is Godhammered! However, please, take the time to listen then leave a comment telling us what you thought. Don’t forget to hook up with Godhammered for future shows. Guess what? They have a show coming up!!! An album release, to be specific. Are you as excited as we are? Click the link under the image for more info.






You can purchase the following tracks and EPs from Godhammered on Bandcamp.

This track is from, Godhammered’s EP called, Blood, dated 12/19 . This is “Ravenous” featuring, Lindsay O’Connor. Crank this shit! It is BRUTAL

This track is from, Godhammered’s EP called, The Illusion of Voice, dated July 2013. The track is, “Wrath of the Driven”.

The following video features a track, “Chelle” from Godhammered’s newest EP release, Forever.

Quote from Godhammered on YouTube:

 “Second single off of our release entitled “Forever” Dedicated to Michelle Jean Heck Written and recorded by Godhammered at Closenoug Studios Mastered by George Makris at Lucid Mastering in San Diego Cover photo by Godhammered featuring woodwork by Fish Noland of Logo design by Christophe Szpajdel

Video released, December 19, 2019.



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