G-Spot? Beta7??

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Image credit – Anita Martinez of Ratgirl Photos

So, if you have ever heard of a San Diego area Ska band called, G-Spot then wondered whatever happened to them, you have a nice surprise.

After a 15 year hiatus, G-Spot is back! With a new name, Beta7  and  a couple of new members.  Don’t worry though, Beta7 still has all the same songs you enjoyed from G-Spot.

We took more than a minute to check out Beta7 and thoroughly enjoyed what we heard. Beta7 is FUN to listen to and we’re extremely excited to share them with you! Therefore, we shan’t lollygag but get right to it!

Explanation and Band Info

The following quote is from, Beta7 on Facebook – ” G-SPOT is back from a 15 year hiatus with a new name BETA7 with all the same great music. The line up includes two original members John Arquilla ( vocal ), John Jackson ( Bass ), almost OG member from back in the 90″s Matt Wolf ( guitar ), new to the crew Daniel Hernandez ( Trombone ), Brennan Johnson ( drums ), Tyler Montgomery ( trumpet ) and Fernie Martinez ( saxophone ). A little history the band started up at the dawn of the 3rd wave in 1992 and played with the likes of Sublime, Reel Big Fish, Aqua Bats, Dance Hall Crashers, Save Ferris etc….. Back in the day we had some radio play on 94.9 the Flash with an original track “Rocketman” and cover track by Steve Poltz “You were meant for me”. Well we are back and looking for gigs so don’t be afraid to contact us.”

Social Media

So, you read that Beta7 is looking for gigs. How can you reach them to offer gigs or attend future shows?? Their social medias!! Hit those links!

FACEBOOK                  INSTAGRAM                    TWITTER


Eye Candy!

Although we always share tracks, we couldn’t find any that would simply allow us to share on this format. So, here is link to G-Spot on Spotify. We were able to find a couple of recent videos! Yay!! They were all great but in consideration of cell phone users, we are sharing just one.  Keep in mind, nothing beats the real thing so please attend a show. Click on the above links to connect for future shows.

The following video was found at Ratgirl Photos on YouTube. ( please subscribe! )



Thank YOU!!

Thank you for dropping in and especially for reading the post all the through. AND… Oh wow! Isn’t Beta7 a shit ton of fun? Yeah, we’re excited to see them live soon, very soon. We hope to see you there! Please feel free to drop us a message and connect with San Diego Blather on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. You could use the contact page but the social media is the quickest way. Again, THANK YOU for hanging with us for a bit. Please connect with Beta7 and go see a show! Be safe and well always.