Looking to escape? This is heavy Stoner Rock band that’s going to take you away from all that bullshit plaguing you on the daily. Just grab a shot or 3 and shift your shit into party mode!

Formula 400 - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherFormula 400 creations are for those who adore substantial Stoner Rock that slaps heavy and melodic with tasty riffs, nice finger work  embracing excellent clear to gritty vocals with those beats that’s going to carry you through your day. While I’m jamming to Formula 400, I’m taken back to those days of riding on the back of a Fatboy Shovelhead Harley Davidson as we’re hauling ass on the highways and freeway in a pack while me and the other ladies are passing a grip of tequila back and forth literally as we’re screaming up the coast.  How the fuck am I still alive?

Formula 400 is pure sumptuousness of Stoner Rock whose nicely fuzzy concoctions are heavily influenced with that late 60 to mid 70’s rock from the likes of Deep Purple, Motorhead, Foghat, Steppenwolf, teeny bit of Molly Hatchet, older Aerosmith and a bit of pre-1980’s ZZ Top with a dash of  The Allman Brothers Band. While Formula 400 is heavily influenced their creations are fully original with their own brand of hard edged and bass heavy full on Rock twist to them. Anyways, that’s my humble opinion and I hope you feel the same or even more enamored! Please connect with Formual 400 via their enclosed social media links for updates on releases, events and merchandise.

Band Information and Social Media

Members: Dan Frick – Guitar & Vocals,  Ian Holloway – Guitar & Vocals,  Ted Karol – Drums  and Kip Page – Bass  ( Also with Psylow )

Social Media:    WEBSITE   ♦  FACEBOOK    ♦     INSTAGRAM    ♦      BANDCAMP      ♦    YOUTUBE  ♦


The following tracks are all from Formula 400’s album called, Heathens. Check the above Bandcamp link for downloads.

Formula 400 “Light My Way” ( This song resonated well with me ) and “Messenger” ( Love this one too !)


From Formula 400 on YouTube, “Spector”

Simply sharing because Spector rocks!!


Thank You!

Absolutely, I appreciate you so much for dropping by! So, how’s it going? Hopefully, you and everyone you know are all doing well. Lots of shit has been going down lately and we’re all just crushing what we can. What did you think of Formula 400? I’d say, post a comment but I don’t have that feature.  Duh!  Hopefully, you enjoyed Formula 400 creations as much as I do! I loved revisiting my “fuck it all” days but I hope you never ride in a pack and pass a big ass bottle of tequila back and forth between you and your friends as you’re slamming down the freeway. What kind of dumb ass shit was that? Anyways, I keep hearing rumors of outdoor shows in San Diego but nothing has been scheduled but until then be sure to connect with Formula 400 for their updates and etc. Also, do not forget to connect with me on San Diego Blather on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.  I do like it when I get a salutations!

*All images, music and video is property of Formula 400*