Flaunt What You Got!

First off, Flaunt is a fucking sick name for a band. It’s simple but defiantly direct. As in, we got it and fuck off if you don’t like it. Such a perfect name for a hardcore punk band. Okay, to the more important stuff and not my blathering. So..

Who is Flaunt??

Flaunt is a no nonsense hardcore punk band based in San Diego. Their vocalist has a wonderfully full voice with the perfect amount of unyielding aggression needed for hardcore punk. It’s maddening that female leads are too often dismissed as possibly sounding “too pop rock” or shrill but not this lady.

The rest of Flaunt’s members absolutely deliver with their impeccable brutal heaviness and speed. Flaunt is a tight and glittering gem in San Diego’s music scene. Overall, Flaunt is a band that I hope to see more than a few times and hopefully you will too. Recently, Flaunt played at the Kensington Club for a show benefiting the heroic, Minority Humanitarian Foundation. If you don’t know who or what MHF is and does, please follow the link to learn more.

Flaunt Members:

Vocals – Venus N.V.

Guitar – Scoobgrinder

Guitar – Mattattack

Bass – Scott Jones!

Drums – Adams “internet famous” Cripe

Flaunt Video and Social Media Links

The best way to keep up with any band, especially independent bands, is through their social media links. So, for downloads and upcoming shows, follow Flaunt on their…

BANDCAMP ( download purchases ) and FACEBOOK ( Keep updated with Flaunt! )

OOooooo Now for some ear candy!

Flaunt – “On All Fours” Video found at Grindwar Channel ( please subscribe )

Thank You!

San Diego Blather appreciates you so much for dropping in. We hope that you enjoyed Flaunt and will continue to keep up with them in the future. San Diego’s music scene, as with all local music scenes, thrive only through your support. So, keep originality and integrity alive in the art and support your local music scene!

*Image from Flaunt’s Facebook page and video from Grindwar Channel on YouTube. Please follow both.*