I hope that you are all safe and well. What a fucking world, right? Damn! Coronavirus has caused hysteria and havoc causing drastic changes super quick. In just days!  I know that some of you are scared. I am too! I feel like things are spiraling out of control. I know you’re wondering if things will ever get back to “normal”. We have to believe it will but prepare for a new “normal” too. I believe we can get through this and more. As we fight over toilet paper,  I think of Africa. Right?  Africa had Ebola and to those who were affected, we must be a joke. But Coronavirus and it’s mutated offspring are our dilemma  and we have to get through this.

Why Am I Posting This?

Honestly? I’m writing this post for myself because I need to remind myself what do I have control over and I think I’m not the only one who needs this. You know what I mean? I feel like everything I thought I had a grasp on is spinning out of my reach. It seems it was just little over a week ago, the local hysteria level hadn’t risen. In fact, nobody I knew was even considering hoarding toilet paper much less food but here we are. Nowadays, I pick up what I can from ravaged store shelves and we’re rationing toilet paper. So, this post is for me and for you in hope we all get something out it and please feel free to comment your advice or your story.


What Is Within Your Control?

This is a list of 5 things that I have to remind myself that I do have control over.  You do too!


1, Being kind! We decide when we are going to be total assholes and when we are not. We can also define what, “being kind” is but I think we can agree the basic definition is to simply not be mean. We can flash a smile at others. You tall people can help a short person get something off a high shelf. We can all ask an elderly or single parent neighbor if  we can help them. We can stop buying and hoarding! Donate to your food banks. That warm fuzzy feeling from being kind is a great high.


2, Find your joy! We love music. You can still support your local music scene by attending shows ( no pits, sorry ) or by purchasing their downloads. Go for walks and enjoy nature. It’s so easy!


3, Communicate! You can still make friends, say, “Hi” to everyone. You may need a nearby neighbor as an ally.  You can still tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. After all, if you are quarantined, you might as well have, at least, an amicable relationship with whomever is stuck with you.


4, Education!  We’re advised to stay indoors so might as well get something out of it!  Therefore, you can research the CDC website for actual facts about the Coronavirus. You could learn a new language because this hysteria and virus will pass and you may travel. Take online classes through Skillshare, Udemy or through the  San Diego Community College District. Basically, do not go stagnate or become bitter.


5, Do NOT Panic!  Getting the facts will keep you from panicking or weaponize you to know how to prepare for the worst scenarios. The best source for  facts have been and will continue to be, the beleaguered CDC and WHO but not so much  from Trump and his administration. Do not panic and cut ties from your spouses, employers or anyone else with whom you are close to but may have beef with. This isn’t the time for more divisiveness but a time to realize we are in this together and it’s imperative we formulate allies and have each other’s back.


So, this was the list!

The possibility of  the death of a loved one, our own death or feeling the act of dying or enduring life changing events are not new. The possibility of any of those has ALWAYS been there. Coronavirus is simply an added plot twist. Life is short. Life is unpredictable. So grab life by the balls and ride that bitch hard! Keep finding your happiness, go for walks, exercise, take your vitamins,  keep learning and building for your  future. Most of all,  do not panic. I’m trying hard not to. I have people who depend upon me and you do too. We got this shit!


Thank you!

I want to you all of you ( all possible 6 readers ) that you are so appreciated. I hope that you reach out to me, the best method of doing so is San Diego Blather on Instagram or through San Diego Blather on Facebook.  Please if you have helpful advice or would like to share your story, please do so in the comments or by messaging me. Thank you so much! Especially those musicians whose creations have been a source of healing therapy and good times.

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