Fisted is one hell of a show! They are funny, extremely likable and definitely talented. They bring 110% metal aggressiveness to their shows and it’s an awesome experience. I highly recommend that you attend a Fisted show. You will have face melting good time! I promise! Fisted is one of three bands ( Osmium and Methodrone were the other two )  that I saw at a King Batt Entertainment show at Stage163. I hope to see them again in the very near future. So, now you know how I feel about Fisted so lets give you the opportunity to check them out for yourself. I hope you like them as much as I do!  To give you a better idea of who and what Fisted is, I took this from their Facebook page:

“With members from the Midwest and Southern California. We want to bring an even more diverse sound to the metal genre. No bullshit, no definition, just love for all things heavy. Sound influenced from Thrash, Death Metal, Deathcore, and Alternative Metal. We do this because we love this. And we hope you it, too.” 


Band Information and Social Media

Band Members: Lead Vocals / Guitar – Zach Miller,  Drums / Vocals – Todd Wilson and Bass Guitar – Henry Nechochea




Lol I searched YouTube for Fisted videos. *Clearing search history now* 

Just enjoy this video and consider attending Fisted’s next show on 02/28/20 at Stage163.



This video was found on the YouTube channel for Craig Alakszay. This is Fisted’s “Now I Pick Up Bodies”. Released, June 20, 2019.

Thank YOU!!

We’re so glad you stopped by! This was Fisted – who I hope you enjoyed meeting. Please consider attending their upcoming show, you’ll have a great time! Seriously, there is not one video or track that compares to seeing a band live and sweaty right in front you. Thank you, again for stopping by. Please come back and tell your friends or enemies about this site. You can find San Diego Blather on Facebook and Instagram. Drop by and say, “Hello!” Be safe and well always! \m/