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Eridia has artfully spun a fine metal into a diaphanous infusion of atmospheric music, alternative rock and more with progressive symphonic metal that is simply a lovely departure of the norm.  They were the first band of the night at San Diego’s Wacken Metal Battle but I was late. Sorry to say that I walked in, just in time to see their last song. I really must get my shit together! However, just within those few minutes, I  heard a vocalist with a beautifully soaring powerful voice and she her voice soared with a band that was cohesive while reflecting notable influences from more than just two genres. Admittedly, Eridia wasn’t what I thought I would find at the Wacken Metal Battle. Sadly, they didn’t place but this band is a work of art.  I hope we all get to see Eridia in the near future.

Band Information and Social Media

Do you love a whimsical band description? I fucking do! This is Eridia’s band description that I copied from their Reverbnation account for your reading pleasure.

“We like unicorns and cats with wings sailing on rainbows. Sometimes we send them into space and they come back with awesome music for us to play.

Rajan Homes – Drums/ Acoustic Pickle
Jesse Squire – Bass/ Soprano Sombrero
TJ Landry – Keyboards/ Xylocellphone
Jeremy Macedo – Guitars/ Death Ray
Katya Khatsenko – Vocals/ Tambourwiener
Vannia Duran – Vocals/ Tequilatarist”

You pictured unicorns and winged cats, didn’t you? Love it!

Please be sure to connect with Eridia via their social media links.

Social Medias:    FACEBOOK      ♠       REVERBNATION      ♠        INSTAGRAM      ♠      YOUTUBE    ♠     SOUNDCLOUD      ♠       BANDCAMP

Eridia Music!!

Warning, this music will create wonderful mental images of, yes, unicorns, winged cats but I saw the ocean and starry nights too. Yes, without shrooms!

Please enjoy the two tracks found on Eridia’s Soundcloud account. Following the two tracks is a video which is followed by our closing statement.


When I saw Eridia, I only saw one female vocalist but the video has two. I did miss almost the entire Eridia set though. Lets not get confused but enjoy the music and make plans to see Eridia live!

This video was found on Eridia’s YouTube channel. Please enjoy, “Ultimateless”, released July 25, 2016.

Thank you!

I’m so happy you took the time to drop by! So, what did you think of Eridia? I don’t know about you but I  plan on seeing an entire Eridia set in the near future.  Of course, the best way to find out when and where anything Eridia related is going down is by connecting with them via their enclosed social media links. Please don’t forget to give San Diego Blather on Facebook a like and follow while you’re at it. Please? Nevertheless, please be safe and well always and while you continue to support San Diego’s music scene. \m/