Fun Times!

Epic 18 brings their ska / punk rock vibes fun filled with positive emotions entwined with music that’s made to bring us together and party our asses off! I found I couldn’t listen to Epic 18 without smiling and dancing. Love Epic 18!

This band does hail from the Imperial Valley ( San Diego County – ish (?) )  but they have played in San Diego at the 710 Beach Club, The Tower Bar and Mothers Saloon and they will be back one day soon. Perhaps, they can play a gig with The Roman Watchdogs    on a Saturday night?  Anyways, you’re not hear for me and my opinions but to formulate one for yourself so without further ado…..


Band Information and Social Media Links

For updates on shows, videos and merchandise, please do not forget to connect with Epic 18 via the following social media links.

Epic18 - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherBand Members: Andrew “Doc” Martino :: Bass
Adam Marquez :: Vocals/Bari Sax
Austin “Stones” Chavarin :: Guitar
Eddie “Eddogg” Hester :: Drums
Eli “La Flama Blanca” Drew-Moreno :: Keyboard
John Mordasini :: Trombone
Logan Alvarado :: Vocals/Trumpet

This is a small portion of Epic 18’s bio so please check out the rest HERE.

“Things are heating up in the Imperial Valley and Epic XVIII is delivering fresh new music, videos and more in 2020. The Imperial Valley – based band is starting off 2020 with their new single-release, What Come Next, as part of their first – wave installment of new material before releasing another full-length album later this year. The band already launched two – new videos on their YouTube channel: including a lofi video of What Come Next and a behind – the – scenes video with Sound Engineer and Producer – Sean Barrington Quin of Phaser Control Recording Studio in San Diego, CA. “

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Get ready to smile and have more than a bounce in your step!!

From Epic 18, this is the lofi, “What Comes Next”. Release date, 02/06/20


This is “Make It Right” by Epic 18. Released on 08/29/20

Thank you!!

I’m very happy you stopped by. You’re so appreciated and please do come back! So, I thought we would  share a band that’s a little different than what we usually do. I don’t think, other than The Roman Watchdogs, that we have shared another  ska/punk rock band. Both bands are examples of superior any  independent music scene is to mainstream radio. Sadly, having said that, I have to acknowledge that independent music scenes all over are unappreciated by the radio button pushing masses. So, please go see a show!

I hope that each of you are doing well and will remain so. Remember, to grab life by the balls and ride that bitch HARD!! Life is too short for anything else. Thank you so much! Be safe and well always!

*All images and videos are property of Epic 18 and none are those of San Diego Blather *