UPDATED: ISO – New Vocalist??

While I enjoyed Bill Sander’s performance with Defy The Tyrants, I’m anticipating upcoming changes and enjoying  Defy the Tyrants again. This band has not given up their goals and neither should you!

Defy The Tyrants

 If you missed Defy The Tyrants at San Diego’s Wacken Metal Battle 2020, your loss is immeasurable but we’ll beat Covid and rage once again! 

Last time I had seen March, Defy The Tyrants was in March when they participated in San Diego Wacken Metal Battle against 6 other bands. Trust, each band delivered undeniable heavy competition. I’m happy to say, that Defy The Tyrants is 1 of the 3  bands selected to move forward in the competition. I had the privilege of watching their entire fucking mind blowing set. Obviously, due to the lock downs,  I have not seen them since. 

However, Defy The Tyrants have been busy working on new material as they know, we will all rage together once again! Keep masked up, hands clean, social distance and we will beat Covid and get through this shit storm together! Have faith! Meanwhile, you can support Defy The Tyrants via their enclosed social media links. \m/   Thank you for checking in! Be safe and well always!

UPDATED New Video!! 

I LOVE, seriously, LOVE THIS NEW VIDEO!!!!!  This is Defy The Tyrants, “Red” which is tremendously chock full of fire that  it’s going to incinerate your stupid face right off!! Defy The Tyrants are a metal force truly worth sharing with your neighbors so defy the volume limits and share! 


Band Info and Social Media

Below, you’ll notice the list of members who make up Defy The Tyrants.

Defy The Tyrants Members:

Anthony – Guitar       Alex – Guitar       Alberto – Bass

Brandon – Drums       Bill Sanders: Lead Vocalist

No record label, yet.

Also, as always, the best way to keep updated on events and release every band or artist is to follow them on their social media. Also, don’t forget to purchase some merchandise.



YOUTUBE – music videos

YOUTUBE – Metal Vlog \m/

DIZZYJAM – Merchandise

So, those were your links, you know what to do!

Another Video!! 

This is “Salvation in Ruin”, released, 02/02/20. It’s fucking devastatingly good! Enjoy!


Thank you!

Yes, THANK YOU, for reading another post on San Diego Blather.  We’re just beginning so we’re still tweaking this and that while learning as we blunder on. I hope that you enjoyed your introduction or reintroduction ( hopefully) to Defy The Tyrants. Remember, there is talent and creativity hidden in our local music scene and we keep it alive by showing up for shows! Be safe and well always! Remember – Life is short and everything but boring and predictable so grab that bitch by the balls and ride it hard! \,m/

*With the exception of my shitty video, all images and the Defy The Tyrants video are property of Defy The Tyrants and not San Diego Blather’s”*