Defixion - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherDefixion slams harder than an avalanche of bricks from a sky scraper. This is serious Death Metal in the Swedish vein that will smash your senses with titillating massive growls, aggressive shredding and machine gun drums.

For your consideration, I have included some tasty metal appetizers to whet your appetite!  You’ll find those under Defixion’s social media links which you definitely should utilize for current and future updates on Defixion’s information, shows, releases and merchandise. Yes, sweet demon, there will be live shows soon!


Band Information and Social Media Links

Story from Defixion Facebook page:

“Defixion combines music and concept as a reflection of our passion for maledictions, bygone cults and antiquity. We preserve this flame through assimilation of symbols, reverence and exploration of ritual practices and allegorical methods of exposition. Our lyrics contain magical invocations and occultic curses employed in ancient cultures. Please do not practice them lightly or blindly. We are not responsible for their consquences. Literary evidence and Death Metal combined. “

Members:  Horosis – Vocals,    Ousiri – First Guitar,    Besinor – Bass,     Eulamon – Drums

Social Media:  ♠      FACEBOOK     ♠     INSTAGRAM      ♠      BANDCAMP       ♠    REVERBNATION      ♠      YOUTUBE          ♠

From Xtreem Music on YouTube, we have two videos to share with you and your neighbors too!

Official Lyric-video taken from the EP “Tabella Defixionis” to be released on 18th of June 2019

Taken from the EP “Tabella Defixionis” to be released on 18th of June 2019 through Xtreem Music


Feeling  properly pummeled?

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