Deathboys are an essential sassy bit of fun right now!

Deathboys - Metal, Punk Rock - San Diego BlatherYes, at this moment and from now on!  Trust me, you’re are going to love the shit out of San Diego’s own,  Deathboys. ♥ They have that sneering vocalist with punk attitude, this distorted but bouncy boinging bass that slaps hard as fuck! Drums? Bitch you’re going to love shaking that annoying Quarantine Quarter Ton you gained!

I hope you’ll find that Deathboys are an essential sassy bit of  fun in this shit storm we are all beginning to call “the new normal”! I don’t know about you but I’m done with counting pennies and binging Tik Tok! On to brighter notes….

Band Information and Social Media

Please hook up with Deathboys via the enclosed social media links.  Don’t let them feel forgotten!! Yes, live music will return and I’m sure Deathboys can’t wait to spooge their pent up creativity all over our faces! Meanwhile, scroll on for 3  Deathboys tracks and 1 video! ( BTW Deathboys categorized themselves as “Gutter Rock” but I’m going to put them under punk rock. Just am )

Members: Tony – Vocal,  RattleJake – Bass & Vocals and Dizzy – Drums and etc.

Social Media:   FACEBOOK    ♠       INSTAGRAM      ♠       SOUNDCLOUD     ♠



Video sourced from Micheal Kolton Photography on YouTube. This is Deathboys at Liz Fest, Bar Pink 10/13/19.


What’s UP?

I know it’s been a minute or five! Yeah, like some of you, I fell into a hole but I think my head is almost out of my ass now so….. here we are! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you do so again. You are so appreciated!

I’m sure you, like me, are so ready to RAGE. let loose for awhile and be “actually normal” just for a bit. Meanwhile, as we count our pennies, go a little crazier it’s nice to know that at the end of this there are bands like San Diego bands like the  Deathboys. Thanks for dropping in! Be safe and well always!

*All images and tracks are property of Deathboys. The video is property of Micheal Kolton Photography*