Cryptic participated in San Diego Wacken Metal Battle with an more than outstanding brutal performance that any lover of metal would be more than pleased to have experienced. I loved every second of their set! I thought Cryptic brought their 200% with all the passionate brutality, shredding and vocals we have all come to expect from an above decent progressive thrash metal band.  We apologize for the lateness of this post, in fact Round 2 of San Diego’s Wacken Metal Battle has already passed. This is just how life can be. Anyways, please take the time to connect with Cryptic and enjoy their music and videos we have shared. \m/

A couple of lousy pics I took at Brick by Brick.

Band Information and Social Media

Loved Cryptic’s bio and nobody can tell their tale better than they so here you go!

Bio found on Cryptic’s Facebook website- 

Cryptic are a progressive thrash metal band hailing from San Diego, CA. Cryptic are composed of 3 extremely talented young musicians. Each member has brought his own musical influences from Thrash Metal to Punk; from Blues to Progressive Rock. These influences have combined to make a unique sound.

Cryptic were formed in 2017 when lead singer and guitarist, Keith Dobson, began developing a project with his friends Riley Hutchison (Bass), and Jesus Oviedo (Drums). The three began writing and the band identity was formed. Each member was age 16 or younger at the time of the band’s formation. On March 22, 2019, Saul Peña-Lopez was added to the band as rhythm guitarist. In September 2019, Saul resigned from the band to pursue other music opportunities. Currently, Cryptic have chosen to continue as a trio.

Cryptic is built on a dedication to music, friendship, and an unwavering belief in free speech. Cryptic believe that the arts, and especially music, are the last forms of free expression . . . a place to have a voice and to stand for what one believes.

March 22, 2019, marked the date of Cryptic’s worldwide release of their debut full length album The Gates. The Gates is considered a Progressive Thrash Metal Concept Album highlighting the rise, fall, and redemption of humanity. The Gates is available for streaming and purchase on all major online stores and music streaming platforms.


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The part of every post  you love! If you think the following 3 videos were sick as fuck then get your ass to a show! Nothing beats feeling the power of a bitch’n metal band such as Cryptic coming up under your feet and throughout your body!

You’re going to love this one! This is Cryptic’s “Defibrillation”, released on Feb. 02, 2019


This is Cryptic performing, “DuelShoxxx” at The House of Blues on Jan. 06, 2019.


This is Cryptic’s “The Gates” released 04/14/2019

Thank you!!

We appreciate you for dropping in. Cryptic’s members are young but their talent surpasses their years. Is there hope for metal? Hell yes there is! Please connect with Cryptic via their social media links. There will be future shows and we’re going to party our fucking asses off! Be safe and well always! \m/

*With the exception of the two pics I took, all other images and videos belong to Cryptic and not property of San Diego Blather*