Creature - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherWhat do you think of the name for this band? So simple but the name, Creature, creates great mental imagery. Don’t you think? Seriously, their name, Creature, made me think of all those old black and white B-movies. Obviously, The Creature from The Black Lagoon. Oh well, I’m a blathering simpleton so lets get to it! Shall we?

Creature is a San Diego based hybrid Speed / Thrash Metal band. The band members are young, most likely fearless and  fantastically talented as hell. I’m listening to them right now and I’m blown away with their tight fingering skills, sick riffs, mad drums and overall precision. Creature is legit!  They have a few upcoming shows so be sure to connect with them via their social media.


Band Information and Social Media

Band Members: Cris Bones, Ryan, Juando and NTS


Next Shows!

Creature is taking part in a fundraiser for People Over Profits on 02/29/20. Info HERE. Also, they have a show at Brick by Brick on 04/11/20. Info HERE.

Music! \m/

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any YouTube videos for Creature. I did find this sample 1 minute long video on their Facebook page.

Below you’ll find some tasty tracks from Creature on Bandcamp.


The following tracks are from Creature’s Bandcamp account. This is where you can purchase downloads!

Thank YOU!

So, here we are! If you’re reading this, know that you are so appreciated. What did you think about Creature? They are young but Creature is definitely creating a name for themselves. I’m excited to see what the future brings Creature! Please connect with Creature via their social media. We intend to be at The Peoples Lot as we do respect People over Profits and their mission. Thank you for dropping in! Come back by soon. Be safe and well always! \m/