Corporate Citizen

This is a post about a band that  I saw perform at Oceanside’s Legacy Brewing Company, yes the same night I saw Gut Punch. ( ugh! )  I just totally forgot that I hadn’t finished this post so here I am! 

I would also like to mention that I did arrive late and missed every band that performed before Corporate Citizen and Gut Punch. 

Tell Us More About Corporate Citizen! 

Corporate Citizen blew me away with their massively entertaining audience interaction and high energy show.  At Legacy Brewing, the stage is on the smallish side with a couple of  kegs on the floor in  front of the stage, not exactly where one might expect high energy movement but… 

Yes, Bob Meder cleared the kegs then effortlessly shot right back up on the stage. Of course, I sucked getting my shit together enough to photograph that. However, their set was a brief moment of sanity. Oh, Brief Moment of Sanity is the name of their newest and appropriately named release. So, anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed Corporate Citizen as truly punk with some metal influences. Absolutely, that’s just my opinion. I’ve included a two sample tracks and a video thus allowing you to formulate an opinion of two of your own! Please enjoy these samples from Corporate Citizen on Bandcamp . The two tracks  are from their newest release, yes, you should purchase ( I did ).  

Pssssst Social Media links after tracks and video, don’t leave without checking those out. 

Corporate Citizen Band Members: 

Vocals – Bob Meder

Dan Achin – Drums

Mike Ruggiero – Bass 

Steve O”Brien – Guitar

Steve Diaz – Guitar 

Louis Ramsey – Guitar 

Record Label: El Topo Records 



I love videos! However, even the best video isn’t the same as actually being present at a show. GO SEE A FUCKING SHOW!! 

Video found on Corporate Citizen on YouTube  This is, “Time to Go” – Live from Oceanside Pour House – 10/06/2018

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Thank YOU!

We really appreciate you for taking the time to read this little post about San Diego’s Corporate Citizen. Please do not forget to stay updated on future shows by hooking up with Corporate Citizen via their social media profiles. Go see a show!! Thanks so much! Be safe and well always.