Going to the beach?

CHiiX - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego BlatherThis artist is perfect for enhancing your relaxing day at the beach or even ending your hike staring over a lush canyon. Wherever your special place is, you’ll need this artist with you! Chiix delivers with beautifully done Atmospheric that’s rich with a dreamy emotional quality that’s rather lovely and relaxing. Some of you might not consider Atmospheric Rock as one of your preferred genres but keep an open mind.  I really loved Chiix’s full voice as it fits well with the floaty emo sound of Atmospheric which he accompanies well with his nice finger picking guitar work. I would really love for good things to come to this young upcoming artist.  So, give him a listen and lets keep an eye out for this one. Oh and if he ever considers doing some metal or hardcore punk? That would be soooo sick! Just saying but meanwhile, I really hope you guys will connect with Chiix / CH!X ( same artist with variations of name ).  Everyone starts somewhere and encouragement is always appreciated!

Artist Information and Social Media

ChiiX is a experimental solo artist & musician who writes and composes emotional based music!

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I’m sharing two videos from CH!X on YouTube. I liked these in particular and hope you do too!




Thank you!

Yes, Thank YOU for dropping in. I appreciate each and every glance this blog attracts. I hope that you enjoyed CHiiX or CH!X ( same artist ) as much as I do. Please do not forget to connect with him through the enclosed social media links. It’s always a good thing to support any independent artist, especially the young ones who create original material. Stay safe out there! Lots of shit is going down and people seem to forget that we ( you, me and everyone else who works their asses off for crumbs ) are literally in this together. Be safe and well always!

*All images and videos are property of the solo artist CHiiX / CH!X*