Music Beyond San Diego


A Force.. Paleos is a metalcore force,  a fucking force bent on desecrating your senses with majestic vocals bellowing up embraced by tasty shredding that's going to tear you up one side and down the other. The drums? You're going to get crushed. You may not be able to handle what this Atalanta, Georgia band is delivering but we better hope they can come to San Diego soon.  Oh man, I can only imagine these guys in the same line [...]

Brick by Brick – New York

Brick by Brick Is A Metal Band?? From Troy / Albany in New York, Brick by Brick is a metal band for those who like their metal straight up from hell with monstrous aggression fully equipped to melt your stupid face off! Awhile ago, Brick by Brick caught my eye because one of my favorite San Diego venues is, Brick by Brick. It seems a good fit that they would play at Brick by Brick but when they came out [...]