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Beekeeper is a thrash metal force of nature not to be messed with.  As metal tsunami, Beekeeper not just slays but annihilates with  ease.  On a personal note, I ADORE female fronted metal bands! Who wouldn’t?  In a male dominated genre, it’s refreshing to hear a woman with “take no prisoners” vocals and guitar skills.  Did I mention she is a demon with a guitar too? Nevertheless, the entire band is insane. You have to check them out!


Band Information & Social Media

Members: Guitar/Vocals – Ally Levine   Drums – Dylan Marks    Bass – Adam Wollach

Social Media:  WEBSITE  ♥     FACEBOOK   ♥    INSTAGRAM  ♥    YOUTUBE    ♥   BANDCAMP

Bio: This bio was copied and pasted from Beekeeper’s Facebook page. Nobody tells their tale better than the creators!

“Formed in 2010 by two friends Ally Levine and Dylan Marks, Beekeeper rises from a mutual love and sincere respect for heavy music.
Bonding over classic albums such as Slayer’s “Show No Mercy” and Sepultura’s “Arise,” Beekeeper was inspired to create and play music that was influenced by their favorite aspects of metal. This accelerated the bands efforts and by early in 2011the duo began playing local house-shows and bars throughout the San Diego area.
Multi-instrumentalist Adam Wollach joined Beekeeper in 2013 as their full-time bassist. This three-piece was finally ready to shred with the complete sound they had always envisioned.
It didn’t take long for Beekeeper to ignite the local underground metal scene, where they have been bringing their high-energy performance to increasingly bigger stages including several shows with international touring bands like Cattle Decapitation, Brujeria and Warbringer.
Beekeeper’s songs are based on life experiences and their twisted imagination. Forged over many late-night writing sessions, their songs are delivered by Levine’s dynamic vocals and sinister guitar-work in concert with Wollach’s intricate accompaniment and Marks’ powerful drive and technical prowess.
In 2015 Beekeeper entered the studio to begin recording their first studio album, the full-length “Slaves to the Nothing.” With its upcoming release, the trio has plans for a 2017 tour. This aggressive, dynamic and innovative album will push Beekeeper into another zone and will be a huge step in their evolutionary quest to bring their unique sound and old-school style to the world.”

Music and a Video!!

Hell yeah! The music is the best part! However, be sure to connect with Beekeeper on their social media. There is no better way to stay updated on all Beekeeper shows, releases and merchandise.

This track is, “Subservient Submission” from Slaves to Nothing. It was  released, July 01, 2017

Also, from, Slaves to Nothing, ” Picket Fence Death Night”.

This video is, Beekeeper’s newest video, “Vargas”. Part of this video was shot video at San Diego’s  Donut Panic .   Donut Panic creates some of the best damned donuts you’ll ever eat!


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