This metal monster is, Alfasun – they are going flay your face right off your silly head with the ease of a hot knife through warm butter!

Alfasun - Metal, Punk Rock & Cannabis - San Diego Blather

As you know, San Diego Blather focus is on promoting metal and punk rock artists and bands in San Diego but I decided to do something a bit different. I would like to take a moment to introduce this metal monster currently residing in Trieste, Italy. Alfasun is the first  of many bands from outside of San Diego that I’ve decided to share. Also, occasionally there will be posts sharing bands and artists from other genres. Why? Well, would you not agree that music is a gift and one that has  the ability to unite us all. So, on that note, lets explore!


Band Information and Social Media

Alfasun members:    Edo –  Guitars     Kusabi – Bass             Ote – Vocals           Joda – Guitars    &     Frankie – Drums

Social Media:    ♥     FACEBOOK    ♥      INSTAGRAM        ♥        BANDCAMP      ♥       YOUTUBE    ♥


Ear candy time! I hope you enjoy the following bits of audio delights. Everything shared today is from Alfasun’s new EP – Seed that was released on December 07, 2019.

All music by Federico “Edo” Stoch and Giovanni “Joda” Spirito
Lyrics by Ote

Released on March 13, 2020, this is Alfasun’s “Lucifer”. Track 1 from their EP – Seed. 

Released on Dec. 06, 2019, this is “Fire” from Alfasun’s EP – Seed


Feel Closer?

Thank you for taking the time to drop in for a visit. You know, I have always felt that music has the ability to make us all  feel closer spiritual if not in proximity.  How do you feel? What did you think about Alfasun? Please share in the comments below! More importantly, please connect with Alfasun and share them with your homies. Be safe and well always!

* All images, music tracks and videos are property of Alfasun*