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Thread The Lariat

Ready for Something Wonderful? Beautifully crafted rock n roll with clearly fine tuned vocals, rocking beats, slight fuzzy riffs then melodic with truly lovely finger picking; Thread The Lariat is a prime example that alternative rock is alive and thriving.  When the moment calls for music that is wonderfully soul satisfying that's going to snag you with rock'n beats, one simply cannot go wrong by listening to Thread The Lariat. For your consideration, I have included a couple of their [...]

Brick by Brick – New York

Brick by Brick Is A Metal Band?? From Troy / Albany in New York, Brick by Brick is a metal band for those who like their metal straight up from hell with monstrous aggression fully equipped to melt your stupid face off! Awhile ago, Brick by Brick caught my eye because one of my favorite San Diego venues is, Brick by Brick. It seems a good fit that they would play at Brick by Brick but when they came out [...]


For The Stoner Metal Lover... Photo credit: The sorely missed Scott Clift   Psylow's creations are substantial with low distortion, psychedelic and  blues influences with nicely shredding riffs with nicely done vocals all this talent has blended in to something that is utterly intoxicating. Honestly, Psylow is a perfect audio confection for those of us who enjoy that Stoner Metal. At this time, there isn't much to post about Psylow but once this lockdown is lifted, I'm sure [...]

A Suffocating Lie

Amp You Up For The Pits! Suffocating Lie comes galloping toward you with unhinged aggression with the intent to shake you from the floor through your core then rip your insides up and out of your flaccid body. Photo by EQ Visuals I enjoyed my introduction to Suffocating Lie and I want to give a big shout out of appreciation to, Suffocating Lie's drummer, Topher Jones for reaching out to San Diego Blather via Instagram. Eventually, I would [...]

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Jen Phipps

A Little Out Of The Ordinary... Jen Phipps has a rich and rather bluesy voice that has such a lovely depth and sincerity that rings out with each note she  hits so well. I really enjoyed her guitar mastery and would love to hear her do some metal! Maybe one day?  For now, Jen Phipps is a San Diego solo acoustic rock artist whose material reflects strength wrought from life's journeys. I think we can all understand that life is [...]


This metal monster is, Alfasun - they are going flay your face right off your silly head with the ease of a hot knife through warm butter! As you know, San Diego Blather focus is on promoting metal and punk rock artists and bands in San Diego but I decided to do something a bit different. I would like to take a moment to introduce this metal monster currently residing in Trieste, Italy. Alfasun is the first  of many bands [...]

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Last Option – West Coast Hardcore

Last Option is for the absolute punk rock purist who enjoys the harder edged and aggressive side of this genre. From Arizona, Last Option originally formed in 1986 and has endured a hiatus and changes throughout the years. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, " That which does not kill us, makes us stronger".  Last Option could have been but a memory, instead they are a wonderful addition to San Diego's music scene. A Bit More.. This seasoned band has, what  I [...]