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Midnight Track

Midnight Track Looking for those perfectly exhilarating  punk / ska tunes that are so damn good, even in quarantine, you're going feel better? So much so that you'll feel brighter?  Maybe even in a party mood? Yeah, you can throw a front porch to front porch or backyard to backyard party with your neighbors or a online happy hour with the people whom you actually like.  Sounds good? Meet Midnight Track, a San Diego based punk / ska band! Band [...]


Sergulath Should I unleash the information about this band? Are you sure you're ready for this ungodly magnificent black / thrash metal quartet? Well pull your panties up because this band, Sergulath, is no joke - serious as death and ultra next level metal!  Sergulath was one of three bands, along with Defy The Tyrants and Mystic Ritual,  who moved forward in round 1 of San Diego Wacken Metal Battle 2020.  It was pure metal therapy and an absolute joy [...]

Mystic Ritual

The Bomb Diggity Bomb Mystic Ritual is the  band you'll blast when you want to empty beach on a fine summer day, just so you can have it all to yourself. The beach shall swiftly empty of those sand hogging tourists and families with those whiny kids, leaving just you and the remaining few who realize that Black Metal is perfect - everywhere and anytime. Sounds perfect? Why yes it does. Mystic Ritual is Black Metal band from San Diego [...]

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Epic 18

Fun Times! Epic 18 brings their ska / punk rock vibes fun filled with positive emotions entwined with music that's made to bring us together and party our asses off! I found I couldn't listen to Epic 18 without smiling and dancing. Love Epic 18! This band does hail from the Imperial Valley ( San Diego County - ish (?) )  but they have played in San Diego at the 710 Beach Club, The Tower Bar and Mothers Saloon and [...]


Cryptic participated in San Diego Wacken Metal Battle with an more than outstanding brutal performance that any lover of metal would be more than pleased to have experienced. I loved every second of their set! I thought Cryptic brought their 200% with all the passionate brutality, shredding and vocals we have all come to expect from an above decent progressive thrash metal band.  We apologize for the lateness of this post, in fact Round 2 of San Diego's Wacken Metal [...]

Five Things YOU Still Have Control Of

Hello! I hope that you are all safe and well. What a fucking world, right? Damn! Coronavirus has caused hysteria and havoc causing drastic changes super quick. In just days!  I know that some of you are scared. I am too! I feel like things are spiraling out of control. I know you're wondering if things will ever get back to "normal". We have to believe it will but prepare for a new "normal" too. I believe we can get [...]


Eridia Eridia has artfully spun a fine metal into a diaphanous infusion of atmospheric music, alternative rock and more with progressive symphonic metal that is simply a lovely departure of the norm.  They were the first band of the night at San Diego's Wacken Metal Battle but I was late. Sorry to say that I walked in, just in time to see their last song. I really must get my shit together! However, just within those few minutes, I  heard [...]

Wacken Metal Battle Round 1

Metal Freaks! Wacken Metal Battles are for YOU. That is, if you ADORE metal and love convenience, you cannot go wrong by attending a Wacken Metal Battle. Seriously, the Wacken Metal Battle is basically a one stop party your ass off and senses altering event. For example, last night's event included 6 bands, a door fee of $15 and a shit ton of fun that will leave you grinning for days! Last night was Wacken Metal Battle Round 1 and [...]


  Beekeeper is a thrash metal force of nature not to be messed with.  As metal tsunami, Beekeeper not just slays but annihilates with  ease.  On a personal note, I ADORE female fronted metal bands! Who wouldn't?  In a male dominated genre, it's refreshing to hear a woman with "take no prisoners" vocals and guitar skills.  Did I mention she is a demon with a guitar too? Nevertheless, the entire band is insane. You have to check them out!   [...]