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CREATURE! What do you think of the name for this band? So simple but the name, Creature, creates great mental imagery. Don't you think? Seriously, their name, Creature, made me think of all those old black and white B-movies. Obviously, The Creature from The Black Lagoon. Oh well, I'm a blathering simpleton so lets get to it! Shall we? Creature is a San Diego based hybrid Speed / Thrash Metal band. The band members are young, most likely fearless and  [...]


Cyka!   Who doesn't like to dance to  Pop Punk? I love dancing but some prefer to mosh in a pit. The beauty of this band is you can enjoy doing either!  This post is about, Cyka, a band designed, for and by, fun loving punks who want to have a good time however they want! This San Diego Pop Punk band was created in 2015 with original music that is anything but "bubble gum". Cyka's creations are sassy as [...]

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K Prouty – Instrumental Metal

K. Prouty Have you ever heard anyone claim that metal suffers from a lack of definitive music?  You know, for some reason, some people do not hear the intricate finger work and the incredible shredding with complicated drum work. They just hear noise. As those who love this genre and it's sub-genres, we know that this "noise" is rich with multi layers of musical talent and influences. Nevertheless, such as the case with any and all forms of art - [...]

War Fever

WAR FEVER When you think of Punk Rock, don't you think that there should be a strong aggressive note of a rebellious attitude? You want a punk rock band that's putting out a shit ton of fun with insane bouncy beats? Yes! A righteous punk rock band should make you want to hit that pit and mosh away all that stress and frustration, right? You know,  from having to deal with the bullshit of the daily grind and people who [...]


San Diego's MONARCH!! Monarch's style is the sort of metal, that if it morphed into a living breathing beast, it will rip your fucking head off, hysterically laugh then shove your sweaty head right down your still moving neck but you're not going to mind. You'll not mind not one iota.  Curious? Did I mention that Monarch won the coveted 2019 USA Wacken Metal Battle? A bit more curious now, are we? Then read on for more information on Monarch [...]


Fisted!! Fisted is one hell of a show! They are funny, extremely likable and definitely talented. They bring 110% metal aggressiveness to their shows and it's an awesome experience. I highly recommend that you attend a Fisted show. You will have face melting good time! I promise! Fisted is one of three bands ( Osmium and Methodrone were the other two )  that I saw at a King Batt Entertainment show at Stage163. I hope to see them again in [...]


Methodrone!   Methodrone was one of three San  Diego bands that played the King Batt Entertainment event at Stage163. Like I said, this entire line up was spectacular which included, Fisted and Osmium.  Now, this band, Methodrone, is a force of musical talent. Their style is Doom Metal but with a delectable splash of some hot bluesy licks. The experience is one of psychedelic music meets classic bluesy rock and is lovingly embraced by nice fuzzy Doom Metal. Methodrone is [...]


Osmium A band named after one of the densest elements in the world with the promise of being a "heaviest metal" band is promising quite a bit. So, they best deliver, right? Well, they do. Yes, hell yes, they do! Osmium slammed down an intensely energized, heavy and passionate performance that was heaven. Osmium is cohesive and is aggressive from start to finish! I saw them perform at a King Batt Entertainment event held at Stage 163 with a spectacular [...]

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Necrochamber!!! Image info HERE When your metal has to be blacker than black, Necrochamber will destroy you. Seriously. This is lava level incendiary shit that's overflowing with intense shredding, neck breaking drums and those satanic vocals that's going to rip you up. Promise. Oh and guess who is going to be partaking in this insane line for the Wacken Metal Battle 2020? Necrochamber? Hell yes they are! You don't want to miss this event! The entire destructive line [...]

SouthTowne Sham

SouthTowne Sham! I've seen SouthTowne Sham perform at San Diego's Brick by Brick. I wasn't going to either. Honestly, I was extremely tired and I wasn't going to stick around for them but just when I was about to turn and leave,  SouthTowne Sham started their set. What can I say? The sound of a guitar pick scratching down the frets before a band launches, is the stuff that raises the goosebumps of anticipation. I wasn't disappointed either! SouthTowne Sham [...]