Monthly Archives: November 2019

Corporate Citizen – A Brief Moment of Sanity

Corporate Citizen This is a post about a band that  I saw perform at Oceanside's Legacy Brewing Company, yes the same night I saw Gut Punch. ( ugh! )  I just totally forgot that I hadn't finished this post so here I am!  I would also like to mention that I did arrive late and missed every band that performed before Corporate Citizen and Gut Punch.  Tell Us More About Corporate Citizen!  Corporate Citizen blew me away with their massively [...]

Pony Death Ride – No Holiday Season is Complete Without Them!

Pony Death Ride The holiday season is bearing down upon us like a tsunami of pressing obligations and sky high expectations. Both of which are followed by debt and an extra 20 lbs. Well, if you're lucky that is. For some us, a good laugh is what gets us through the rising tide of holiday madness before  we may snap and tell everyone to fuck off as  we're now Jehovah Witnesses. So, it's with great pleasure to announce that as [...]

Palace of Mourning

Palace of Mourning is a.... Ruthlessly gut wrenching and potentially neck and spine damaging San Diego band. So, hang on to your bits because you're going to fucking love this group. I just recently found out about  Palace of Mourning and have yet to see them perform. I would have loved to see their recent show at the Che Collective to benefit Planned Parenthood but I was working. Ugh! I know. But as a struggling San Diego resident, I'm not [...]